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CPAs: Professional Development Gurus

CPAs are known for providing sound guidance. We are, after all, called trusted advisors for a reason —whether our area of knowledge is related to tax planning, estate planning, spending and saving or making business decisions.

Over the last year, I’ve found my CPA colleagues are a particularly good source of advice regarding professional and personal development. Since the AICPA launched its BusIndNews monthly newsletter in the fall of 2010, readers have been writing in to provide their career profiles, insights into how to advance within an organization, tips on how to be the go-to-person in your office, how to find professional development opportunities and how to enjoy a happier, more successful or more balanced career.CPA Professional Development Guru

The profiles and tip articles your colleagues have submitted demonstrate how interesting and diverse the work of a CPA is. Most important of all, there’s a running theme in all of the submissions we’ve received: CPAs love their jobs and are enthusiastic about making them more interesting, challenging and fulfilling.

Do you have a story to share or any tips to help your fellow CPAs in personal or professional development? Tell us how you go the extra mile at work, maintain a better work/life balance or motivate your staff. We’d love to read about it!

Carol Scott, CPA, Vice President - Business, Industry and Government, American Institute of CPAs.


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