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Never a Dull Day for CPAs

CPAs often are seen as numbers magicians.

And we are. But we’re also detectives, counselors and guides. I work with CPAs in forensics and they see a bit of everything as they work with clients to uncover financial malfeasance, arbitrate divorces and much more. I received this story from a member just the other day:

So, funniest story that comes to mind is when I picked up two different divorce cases at roughly the same time in which I was the neutral arbitrator.  After several meetings in each of the cases I figured out that the wife in one of the cases was leaving her husband to start a relationship with the husband in the other case.  Long story short, I had to put my office on alert regarding scheduling so they did not end up in back-to-back meeting slots!

Stories like these really underscore the diversity of the CPA profession – and illustrate the immense opportunity available to CPAs. It’s one of the reasons we’re seeing rapid growth in our fraud and forensics section and why being a CPA is many things, but never boring.

What’s most rewarding to you about being a CPA?

Elaine Leggett, CPA/CFF, Technical Manager - Forensic and Valuation Services, American Institute of CPAs. Most of Elaine’s career has been spent in public accounting.  Prior to joining the AICPA, Elaine was the controller/firm administrator of a local CPA firm.  In addition, Elaine spent eight years at a large local firm, working with clients from a broad range of industries, including construction, nonprofits, insurance and healthcare, on tax, audit and consulting engagements.


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