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12 Things You Need to Know About Gregory J. Anton, CPA

Gregory J Anton CPAWe asked the new Chairman of the Board of Directors for the AICPA, Gregory J. Anton, CPA, twelve light-hearted questions. These are just for fun and to gain some insight to what makes him tick.

  1. If you had one super power what would it be? To function without sleep. Imagine how much more you could accomplish both in work and play!
  2. Best summer job you’ve had? Camp counselor at Sharon County Day Camp in Massachusetts, which was my primary summer job from my sophomore year of high school through the summer after graduating from college.
  3. Greatest smell? My wife Julie's chicken noodle soup cooking on the stove on a cold winter day.
  4. Favorite pizza topping? I generally only eat plain pizza and I must add that the best pizza I have eaten is from DeAntonio’s Pizza in Winterpark, Colorado.
  5. Favorite band/musical artist? Any music played by my brother, Jim Anton.
  6. Favorite movie of all time? The Fighter.
  7. Preferred NYC airport (JFK, EWR, LGA)? EWR or LGA whichever has the best flight option for the trip.
  8. What mobile phone do you use for personal business (iPhone, BlackBerry, Android, flip)? iPhone but recently switched from a Palm.
  9. When you're going Dutch on a meal, would you prefer to itemize the receipt or just split it in half? Split in half, and when with a friend, try to order a more expensive meal than my friend.
  10. Who is your hero? Great grandfather, James Economy, who immigrated to the U.S. from Albania, creating an opportunity for our family that we would not otherwise have had.
  11. Best/most memorable advice from a former boss? Work-life balance is earned. The harder you work, the more flexibility you will be provided by the firm.
  12. ABC Corporation receives $7,000 as dividend revenue on a noncurrent investment. On a statement of cash flows, under U.S. GAAP is the transaction reported as operating activity or investing activity? When I am asked such questions by our firm’s staff... my preference is to provide the tools to answer questions fostering technical growth rather than provide the answers so... please see FASB 95.

What question would you have asked?


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