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Springtime for U.S. Businesses?

Have you seen this heartwarming video “Made in America Again” on NBC’s Rock Center with Brian Williams? Reporter Harry Smith brings us the story of North Carolina businessman, Bruce Cochrane, who sent his furniture business’s manufacturing to China, only to bring it back to the U.S., revitalizing the community of Lincolnton in the process.

Stories like these about small business owners rethinking their vision for growth and progress are essential to reigniting the U.S. economy and reenergizing communities. These days, a growing business’s next move may take many forms. For a manufacturing company, growth may mean setting up shop overseas, it may mean expanding locally, or opening a factory in another state across the country. For a talented caterer, the next step on the ladder may be opening a restaurant downtown or it may be wrangling a food truck and appearing at local “foodie rodeos.”

There are dozens of options as long as business owners are willing to take a holistic approach to development and consider the broader opportunities for growth. Who can guide business owners toward solutions that change the course of business in unexpected ways? CPAs! They are on the front lines of business decisions for organizations and firms all over the country. Their analysis of and guidance surrounding whether businesses can capitalize on growing locally or are ready to launch globally are extremely valuable.   

Does the example of Lincolnton Furniture prove the economy is on an upswing? The AICPA will release the results of its Q1 2012 Economic Outlook Survey on March 8. We’ll see if CPA leaders in business and industry are feeling more optimistic about the future of their organizations—and the greater U.S. economy—or if businesses are still waiting for brighter horizons. You can be a part of the greater discussion on the economy by attending the AICPA Business and Industry Economic Outlook Survey Webcast - Q1 2012, 2012 Economy: Real Recovery or Roller Coaster Ride? The webcast will be held from 2 to 3:30 p.m. ET on March 22 and the first 2,000 AICPA members who register can earn free CPE.

How are you feeling about the U.S. economy? What about the prospects for your organization?

Carol Scott, CPA, Vice President - Business, Industry and Government, American Institute of CPAs.


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