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CPAs: Changes to Facebook Pages on March 30

Many of you have seen the update to the new Facebook Timeline format on your personal profile. Now, Facebook is rolling out those changes to business pages, as well. The updates take effect on March 30, so the time to start planning is now! Here are some ways the new layout will impact your business’s Facebook Page.

What’s your cover?

The most noticeable change is the addition of a ‘cover’ image across the top. This is the first thing people will see, and Facebook has given this image a lot of real estate, so make it count! It should be a unique image, and you can change it often to keep the look of your Page fresh.

  • The cover photo is 851 pixels wide and 315 pixels tall
  • It cannot contain:
    • Price or purchase information
    • Contact information
    • Specific requests for people to Like or Share your page
    • Calls to action like “Call us today” or “Tell your friends”

Read more information about the rules for cover photos.

Update your profile picture

Your profile image, typically your firm’s logo, may need to be resized or placed on a background. The new image should be square and at least 180 pixels x 180 pixels. 

Marking milestones

Another interesting feature about the Timeline layout is that it is, well…a timeline. Facebook allows you to mark milestones along this timeline to call out special events. How about highlighting the day your firm was founded or when your partners came aboard? This is an interesting way for people to get to know more about your firm’s history. 

Highlight what’s important

Photos, applications and likes are now featured at the top of the Page. You can rearrange some of the boxes in this section, so be sure to highlight your most important information first. The downside: you can no longer have a flashy custom image to welcome visitors to your Facebook Page. Custom tabs and welcome pages are now confined to one of these small boxes.

Layout featuresfacebook pages timeline new layout features

You can utilize the star and pencil features on each of your posts to customize the layout.

  • Click the star to adjust the width of your status update.
  • Click the pencil to ‘pin’ the update to the top of your Page.

Admin panel

Your admin panel is now more robust, allowing you to see and manage activity from one place. Also, fans can now send administrators private messages. Notifications about these messages will appear in the admin panel.

Until March 30, you can check out a preview of what your new Page will look like. Simply click ‘Preview’ on the message at the top of your Page.

coming soon new facebook pages timeline

AICPA Members: want to know more about using Facebook for business? Check out the AICPA Facebook User Guide in the  Marketing Toolkit on AICPA.org.

, Strategist, Social Media and Member Engagement, American Institute of CPAs.


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