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If You Like Accounting and TV, Keep Reading

Projectinnovation_logoYou’re reading AICPA Insights, so I can safely assume that you’re interested in accounting. And since I’m making assumptions, I’m going to assume that you like to watch TV (hey - all the cool kids are doing it). And since you’ve got an inquisitive mind, I bet you wonder how networks decide which shows get made and which shows on TV "make it." Maybe, you got a little fix watching the People’s Choice Awards last month. And since then, you’ve been twiddling your thumbs as you count down the days until the Emmys. Well keep reading, because I have just the thing for you.

Let me set the scene…The TV industry is booming and each network is in search of “the next big thing.” At the same time, accounting is in the spotlight as one of the fastest growing professions. Put the two together, and the network executives have decided this is a profession that should play a role in their next pilot. That’s right, it’s the AICPA’s Project Innovation: Competition of Creative Excellence.

“The AICPA decided to challenge high school students to create a potential TV pilot, while offering a fun and exciting way to learn about accounting and the CPA profession,” said Heather L. Bunning, AICPA Sr. Manager, High School and Community College Initiatives.

The competition recently moved into the public voting period, which runs until February 27. That means you (you!) can check out the finalists’ videos and cast a vote for your favorite.

“Our judges have selected the best pilots and since building a fan base for their show is a must, the online vote will factor into the final decision,” said Bunning.

The finalists have been carefully selected based on their proposal, which provided an overview of the show, including a production budget and the script they used to pitch the network – a panel of judges appointed by the AICPA. The finalists then received a video camera to bring their script to life as a three-minute preview of their pilot.

The last step of the competition will include a live presentation to a final round judge, who plays a key decision maker at the network. This will give teams one last chance to explain why their show will be a smash hit, and why they should be crowned the winners.

With a total of $15,000 in scholarships for students and grant money for their schools going to the top three teams, the stakes are high – so check out Start Here, Go Places. and vote for the show you would most like to see spotlighting the accounting and CPA profession. Winners will be announced in mid-March.

Have questions about how the public vote factors into the teams’ scores or anything else related to the competition? Check out the Official Rules or the 2013 Project Innovation Challenge.

, AICPA Staff.


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