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An Introduction to Pinterest

Pinterest, how do I love thee? Let me count the ways

Have you had a chance to try out Pinterest yet? You should! If you are a visual person, this image-driven platform may really hit home for you like it does for me.


What is Pinterest?

Pinterest is a fast-growing niche social networking site that has generated a lot of buzz and media coverage. With over 15 million users, Pinterest is the fifth most visited social media site in the US, and generates more referral traffic to other websites than Google+, YouTube and LinkedIn combined.

How many times have you found an interesting website, article or blog post and emailed yourself a link so you can check it out when you have some spare time? Trying to find that email later is like trying to find a needle in a haystack.  Pinterest allows you to curate and organize links in a format that is easy to navigate.

Unlike other social networks where you connect and follow individuals, on Pinterest you can follow specific topics and interests. Looking for activities to do with your kids on a rainy day? No problem! How about career tips,  infographics, or savings strategies? That’s all there, too…and then some!

Check out the AICPA on Pinterest 

The AICPA is helping pinners find information about everything from Tackling Taxes, the History of the Profession, Financial Education and more!


AICPA on Pinterest
AICPA Pinterest Borads


Plus, Benjamin Bankes is also on Pinterest helping pinners learn how to Save Money and Feed the Pig.


Benjamin on Pinterest
Benjamin Bankes Pinterest Boards


Come check us out – happy pinning!

, Strategist, Social Media and Member Engagement, American Institute of CPAs. 


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