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Introducing AICPA Insights Live: Weekly Webcast Series

AICPA-Insights-LiveEarlier this year, AICPA Insights turned three years old. Through that time we have explored different ways to provide news and information on hot topics to our readers. One of the more popular methods of sharing information has been our podcasts. This led us to a new feature that we’re pleased to introduce to you this week: AICPA Insights Live.

AICPA Insights Live is a new weekly webcast series, which will occur Fridays at 1 p.m. ET starting Oct. 11. A hot topic that is important to AICPA members and the accounting profession will be covered each session, starting with the top risks facing nonprofits. Currently scheduled topics include year-end tax planning, internal controls and more.

The best part is that AICPA Insights Live is free (without CPE) for AICPA members! We’re also providing the option for everyone to purchase the series (discounted for AICPA members) and earn CPE. You can register for the entire series, currently running until Dec. 20, or each session individually.

Additionally, we’ll be making select content from choice webcast sessions available on AICPA Insights. This may be a podcast or presentation from the webcast, or another resource discussed during the webcast. If you can’t attend a particular webcast, this is a great way to catch up on the latest news and information.

Explore the full schedule of AICPA Insights Live and register for the entire series or an individual webcast. Then keep watch on AICPA Insights for additional content. You can also subscribe to our podcast through iTunes, where some of the content from the webcasts will be available.


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