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HOTI: Carrier IQ; 12 Days of Christmas Gets Expensive

We asked our bloggers to tell us what they found interesting on the Internet this week. What would you add to this list?

Jina Etienne, CPA - I re-tweeted this post from the Colorado Society of CPAs, it generated a lot of interest and comments. “So... what's so great about being a CPA? 5 reasons here.” I even got a response from a former client whom I had recommended get her CPA. She’s finishing up school now and will take the CPA Exam next winter!

Heather O’Connor - Things sure are more expensive than they used to be. Check out how much the items from “The 12 Days of Christmas” would cost if you bought them today. Makes the simplicity (and inexpense) of a holiday card that much more appealing.

Stacie Saunders - It’s an interesting trend I have seen among my Twitter community lately… by day my followers are all business, but at night they are much more casual. Often times the conversation turns to what’s on the television. It’s always fun to have a real-time chat with about Dancing with the Stars or the local news, often deepening relationships by connecting on a personal level. This chart highlights the TV shows with the most social buzz last week. Topping the charts for a cable program, The CNN Republican National Security Debate and for broadcast TV, The X Factor.

Gregory Wright – As we continue through this golden age of technology, we are more connected and trackable than ever before. Just the other day it was revealed that Carrier IQ, a mobile analytics service company for smartphones, allegedly embedded keystroke-sniffing software on millions of smartphones. Initially the software was discovered by security researcher Trevor Eckhart on Android, Nokia and Blackberry devices, although it appears to vary by phone manufacturer and carrier. Some members of Congress have already called on Carrier IQ to explain itself, while other legal professionals believe Carrier IQ may have violated federal wiretapping laws. Carrier IQ has denied any wrong-doing.


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