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12 Things You Need to Know About Benjamin Bankes

In light of the new Feed the Pig PSAs, we asked the star of the PSAs, Benjamin Bankes, our twelve light-hearted questions. These are just for fun and to gain some insight to what makes him tick.

Benjamin Bankes
  1. If you had one super power what would it be? Teleportation. Do you know how much I would save on transportation and travel?!
  2. Best summer job you’ve had? My very first summer job: roadside lemonade stand. It was the first time I really started understanding the value of money and saving. I opened my first bank account, with the help of my parents, with the money I earned.
  3. Greatest smell? Mmm bacon…NOT! The spicy sweet smell of pumpkin pie is what really makes my snout twitch. 
  4. Favorite pizza topping? Veggie supreme. It’s the grown up version of the vegetable medleys Farmer Joe used to give us in the trough when I was a piglet.
  5. Favorite band/musical artist? The Beatles, their song “Piggies” was my all-time favorite song growing up.
  6. Favorite movie of all time? "Babe." Not only did Babe showcase swine intelligence, but do you know how many little kids gave up eating pork after they saw that movie?!
  7. Preferred NYC airport (JFK, EWR, LGA)? JFK. It’s easy to get to entirely by train—not a big fan of the bus—and I always leave there the least stressed of the three, knock on wood.
  8. What mobile phone do you use for personal business (iPhone, BlackBerry, Android, flip)? Standard flip phone. Extra data charges take away from what I can save!
  9. When you’re going Dutch on a meal, would you prefer to itemize the receipt or just split it in half? Overall I’d say itemize, but it depends on what was ordered. If we shared or ordered things that cost about the same, then just split, make it easy on the waiter. But if there was a large price difference in what we each had, then definitely itemize; I don’t want to pay for more than what I had, and I don’t expect anyone to pay for mine.
  10. Who is your hero? Arnold Ziffel, the "son" of Fred and Doris Ziffel from the TV show "Green Acres." Arnold showed everyone that not only are pigs smart, but they can do just about anything. Arnold could play the piano, went to school and was even drafted into the Army!
  11. Best/most memorable advice from a former boss? “Never let anyone tell you that you can’t do something just because you’re a pig.” – Farmer Joe
  12. Saving is important. We all know it, but does putting away $25 per week really help? Absolutely! Putting away just $25 per week really adds up over time; totaling $6,302 in just five years, to $48,708 in 30 years! 


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