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AICPA Celebrates 125 Years of Representing CPA Profession

AICPA 125 AnniversaryThe AICPA has reached a remarkable milestone: being one of the few organizations to celebrate 125 years. As you can imagine, the CPA profession has changed a lot over this period. Throughout the year, the AICPA and its members will be celebrating this special anniversary and reflecting on the history of the CPA profession. Since people are what make a profession, we asked members to give us their thoughts on what the AICPA means to them and the value of being part of a strong CPA profession.

“The 125th anniversary of the AICPA is a testament to the 5-letter word that engulfs the profession: TRUST.” -- Matthew D. Cekander, CPA

“Being a CPA and an active member of the AICPA gives me a great sense of pride.  I am most grateful for the amazing individuals I’ve met along the way.” -- Craig M. Steinhoff, CPA, CITP

“Trust not only enhances commerce and progress, it makes it possible.  For 125 years, CPAs have provided that foundation to propel a fast-changing world.” -- Jean-Luc Bourdon, CPA, PFS

“In Scrabble, Accountant (14) is worth more than either Doctor (9) or Lawyer (12).” -- Mary Denler, CPA 

“CPAs passionately promote transparency and accountability in our society. We expose corruption and deception. AICPA guarantees the integrity of this high calling.” -- Emily Cummins, CPA

“Being a CPA allows you to be designated as part of a profession held to a higher standard of integrity.  Organizations like the AICPA work to uphold and promote the reputation of what most CPAs strive to be.” -- Cherish T. Loog, CPA, CGMA


Add your comments below and congratulate the AICPA and the CPA profession on a successful 125 years. Visit www.aicpa.org/anniversary for more celebratory information, an interactive timeline, videos, special Journal of Accountancy articles and more.


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