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In the News: Preparing for the CPA Exam is Now Easier

The AICPA has recently taken steps to make preparing for the Uniform CPA Exam easier for international students and candidates on the go with two exciting new developments.

Recently, the AICPA announced it had expanded its website, ThisWaytoCPA.com to students overseas who may now register and create profiles.

The website, designed to educate college students and CPA-exam candidates about the path to becoming a CPA, now contains information to help international students understand the process of registering for the CPA exam and becoming a U.S. CPA while living overseas.

The CPA Practice Advisor and AccountingWEB both published articles quoting Scott Moore, AICPA senior manager for college and university initiatives, speaking on the expansion. “As international candidates continue to sit for the CPA exam in greater numbers, we want to offer a resource to them which not only provides information and tools regarding the process for registering and studying for the exam, but also shares information with them about the exciting career opportunities being a CPA offers,” explained Moore. “Expanding our award-winning This Way to CPA site to allow international students to register is a logical way to accomplish that goal.”

Since expanding, the site has received thousands of international visitors monthly.

In addition to the international section of This Way to CPA, the AICPA recently launched the CPA Exam Aid, a mobile application for exam candidates on the go.

The free app, which is an extension of the “Prepare for the Exam” section of thiswaytocpa.com, and is available for both Apple and Android devices, syncs up with the user’s This Way To CPA account, so candidates don’t miss a beat. 

The app includes a customizable personal timeline, tips and a link to This Way To CPA’s online forum, so exam-related questions – including those pertaining to the international exam - can be posed to a 30,000-member community. 

Exam candidates can use the app to import their study schedule from the most popular exam prep tools, create their own custom schedule, or  use the built-in plan based on the AICPA's Content Specification Outline.

Accounting Today quoted Scott Moore on the motivation for creating the app: “We developed the CPA Exam Aid with the idea of making it as easy as possible for candidates to get the info they need to plan for the exam, get certified and begin their careers. The exam is very challenging, but we’ve made managing your study time a lot easier.”



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