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In the News: AICPA Financial Literacy Survey Featured on the Today Show

Yesterday, Al Roker and Jean Chatzky of the Today Show discussed the issue of kids and allowance, citing the results of AICPA’s recent survey with Harris Interactive on the subject.

The over-arching message from the segment was that it is important to use allowance as a ‘teachable moment’ for kids, with Chatzky noting that ”allowance only works if your kid has to take that sum of money and manage it.” Learning to manage money wisely is the cornerstone of financial literacy and informs all decisions on spending and saving throughout life, so this message is an important one for anyone who has children in their life.

Visit the AICPA’s, 360 Degrees of Financial Literacy website, a free program of the the nation’s CPAs to help Americans develop money management skills and Feed the Pig, which is co-sponsored by the Ad Council and specifically aimed at 25-34 year olds.  For more tips and check out the three and a half minute Today segment below.




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