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4 Articles That Made CPAs Smile in 2012

Young-manI initially chose to write a feel-good year-end reflection because that’s what all the cool, popular bloggers on the internet do. And I want to be cool and popular, too. But as I started going back through all the news from 2012, I quickly realized that it was an extremely eventful year, even by the lofty standards established by previous years (I’m looking at you, 2002!). That said, an on-the-go CPA could surely be forgiven if they were too busy to notice the top* four articles, which gave us a reason to smile during the course of the year.

As noted right here on AICPA Insights in March, a survey from Careerbliss.com found that being an accountant is the eighth happiest job in America. Employees were asked to rate 10 factors that affect workplace happiness, including one's relationship with the boss and co-workers, work environment, job resources, compensation, growth opportunities, company culture, company reputation, daily tasks and control over the work one does on a daily basis.

One thing that should make everyone happy – particularly during rough economic times – is some extra money. There is no doubt that accounting graduates were smiling – if not laughing all the way to the bank - when they read that the 2011 class of accounting graduates could expect to be paid 20 percent more than the average graduate. The article cites survey results from the National Association of Colleges and Employers, which showed accounting majors who graduated in 2011 earned an average starting salary of $50,500, up 3.7 percent from the previous year.

In July, USA Today noted that the accounting profession is regaining jobs lost during the recession much faster than some other sectors of the economy. The article states that accounting firms have regained 87 percent of the jobs they lost, whereas the legal profession has only regained 17 percent. The article quotes Scott Moore, senior manager - college & university initiatives at the American Institute of CPAs, who attributes these positive numbers to startup businesses and U.S. companies expanding abroad.

In recognition of the AICPA’s 125th Anniversary, the Journal of Accountancy compiled a list of the 125 people who have made a significant impact on the profession since 1887, the year the organization that would become known as the AICPA was founded. From Anderson to Zeff, the list is an informative read for any CPA interested in the history of their profession.

I’ll be back in 2013 to share news from the profession and the AICPA with Insights readers. Until then, I hope that you and your families have a happy and safe New Year!

*Methodology available upon request.

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