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7 Tips to Help Others Find Your Videos on YouTube

Youtube_logoThere are tens of thousands of hours of video being uploaded into YouTube every day. Don’t let the hard work you put into producing a video for your firm or practice get lost in cyberspace.  Implement a few basic optimizations to make it easier for users to find your videos as they browse and search.

1. Use keywords in your filename
Rename your video’s filename to match the topic of the video. For instance, if your video is about small business accounting, rename your video file from “video.mp4” to “small-business-accounting.mp4.”

2. Use a descriptive title
Give your video an eye-catching title that effectively describes its content. For example, if your video is about starting a career in accounting, a title such as “Careers in Accounting: A Practical Guide” would be appropriate. Also, try to keep the titles short. This will allow for the full title to appear in search results without being cut off. 

3. Don’t forget the description
Like a summary on a press release or in a news story, your video description helps users understand why they should be interested in watching the video.

4. Tagging is key
Tags are one way that YouTube organizes videos so that they can be displayed more prominently in search results and shown as recommendations to users interested in a particular topic (also called “related videos”). Tags can be written as a single world, multiple words within quotes or as multiple words linked together.

5. Select categories
Categories are another way YouTube organizes content for its users, making it easier to browse videos from the home page.

6. Thumbnail images
A thumbnail is a still image that accompanies your video on YouTube and is shown in search results prior to it playing. YouTube automatically generates thumbnail images at the 25%, 50% and 75% duration points of the video. Select the one that you feel is the most visually appealing and likely to encourage click-throughs.

7. Captions & subtitles
Captions and subtitles provide viewers with a deeper understanding of the content of your video, improve accessibility for people who cannot follow along with the audio and increase discoverability of your videos in search engines. 

There you have it. A little work on the front end when you are uploading your video to YouTube will go a long way! Curious about what’s happening on YouTube in the accounting space? Check out these YouTube channels: AICPA, Journal of Accountancy, This Way to CPA and Start Here Go Places

AICPA Members: For more information about utilizing the power of YouTube, check out the YouTube User Guide in the CPA Marketing Toolkit

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