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Gaining a Professional Edge with AICPA Membership Benefits

First-wanted-to-be-a-cpaI take great pride in being a CPA, and I know you do too. Earning the credential is something that gives us tremendous confidence and opportunities in our professional lives. The self-assurance comes from having passed the rigorous CPA exam and maintaining lifelong learning. The endless possibilities stem from our experience, expertise and skills that are highly regarded and necessary in any organization.

Of course, I am able to stay current and knowledgeable about both professional and technical issues through my membership in the AICPA. As fellow members, you know the Institute gives us a professional edge by providing 24/7 access to trusted information and reliable tools. In an increasingly complicated and competitive business world, it’s good to know that I can turn to the AICPA to tap into the information I need when and where I need it.

In addition to technical information, I rely on many other member benefits that make my work more efficient or more profitable. They also may save my firm, my family or me money and some members find the discounts more than pay for membership. Below are some of the member benefits I’ve used:

Given the level of regulation involved in our profession’s services, having an active advocacy role to protect the public and the profession is critically important. The AICPA is a significant voice and resource on legislative, regulatory and public policy issues. We’ve achieved many successes that have helped the profession avoid unnecessary or duplicative regulation and enabled us to better serve our clients or employers.

I first decided on my career goal when a CPA named Tony moved in across the street from my family’s home in blue-collar Revere, Massachusetts. The whole neighborhood admired him because he wore a suit, drove a nice car and had only one job. Even at 12 or 13, I could see being a CPA meant having a different life. It enabled me to achieve the American Dream.

When did you first realize you wanted to be a CPA? Go to the Why I Became a CPA webpage and share your inspiration for becoming a CPA. Let us know what your CPA credential has done for you. In my mind, there’s no doubt that however you define success, being a CPA – and tapping into the resources of the AICPA and being connected to the whole profession – can help you achieve it.

Richard J. Caturano, CPA, CGMA, Chairman of the Board of Directors, American Institute of CPAs.


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