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Updates and Resources from the CPA Exam

CPA-Exam-CandidateThere are a few updates being implemented to make the candidate experience more user-friendly when taking the Uniform CPA Examination.

We are adding a comma to the calculator on the CPA Exam. The comma is meant for large numbers such as 1,000 and above to make them easier to read. We are also updating the tutorial to reflect a few recent changes to the CPA Exam, and at the same time we’re updating the technologies we use to present the tutorial.  These changes will make it much easier for candidates to access the tutorial on a variety of hardware platforms. Both the tutorial and comma go into effect Oct. 1.

Starting on Jan. 1, we will be launching a 10 minute timer on the introductory screens of the CPA Exam. This enables candidates to keep track of their time while going through the required introductory stages of the CPA Exam. (The introductory screens include the examination policy, copyright and section introductions.)  If the 10 minute time limit is exceeded, the test session will automatically terminate and cannot be restarted.

Additionally, the National Association of State Boards of Accountancy has re-vamped the Candidate Bulletin into an interactive document that is easier for candidates to navigate.

As the CPA Exam continues to evolve, its value can be seen through its sheer volume. As of May 2013, the CPA Exam delivered more than 2,000,000 sections globally. Of these 2,000,000 sections, 18,200 sections were delivered at international locations in Bahrain, Japan, Kuwait, Lebanon and the United Arab Emirates since the launch of international administration of the CPA Exam in August 2011 and Brazil in February 2012.

The updates to the CPA Exam and availability of interactive resources enable an improved candidate experience. 

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