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Staying Mentally and Physically Motivated during Winter Tax Season

Businessman-yogaHow do we stay motivated to continue to get a full night’s sleep, hydrate and enforce good habits when the pressures of work and the reality of deadlines, client demands and day-to-day fire drills become overwhelming? Long hours of winter busy season don’t allow for extra time to take care of our physical well being. Our daily workouts are replaced with early morning or late night staff meetings. Saturday afternoon pickup basketball games at the YMCA are just a fond memory. The only thing worse than going to work in the dark and coming home in the dark is dealing with the bitter winter weather in between.

There’s no shortage of things that offer a false sense of motivation. Things we hope will keep us motivated to practice good habits and stay with our normal physical activities: special mood enhancing lights to wake us in the morning, new running shoes or workout gear to keep us excited or an exercise buddy who will be waiting at the gym.

These things are short lived at best. True motivation that drives us to stay committed comes from inside. That part of the brain that refuses to accept anything other than perfection in everything we do. That part of us that knows there is more to life than work. That part of us that offers us confidence to do what others only dream.

We feel good when we finish our daily workout, regardless of how tired and stressed we were beforehand. We feel good when we eat a healthy meal even though everyone around us is living off of weekend left overs. We feel good about ourselves when we take the time to go for that midday walk or run even though it snowed the night before and it is below freezing.

And when we feel GOOD, good things happen around us. We motivate others to “join the ride.” We bring a higher level of client service. Stressful situations and demanding clients become easier to manage. The IRS agent in the visitors’ office does not seem as intimidating. And that perfectionist partner with ten pages of review notes isn’t really that bad of a guy.

So what is the secret to staying motivated to do the things we know are good for us even when it’s not convenient or easy? No secret. Only the knowledge that if we don’t do them, if we don’t find a way to make them happen, then we will never really reach our full potential as professionals, community leaders, coaches and mentors, service providers, mothers and fathers, wives and husbands and so on.

Here is my advice: stop over thinking and just do it….

Dave Capitano, CPA, Vice President of Accounting & Audit, ParenteBeard. Dave implements ParenteBeard's strategic vision, driving business development initiatives and maximizing efficiency and effectiveness as it relates to the firm's accounting and audit practice. In addition, he collaborates with firm practice leaders to drive distinguishable client service through thought leadership, professional development and advocacy.

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