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Did You Receive an AICPA Survey on the Next CPA Exam?

CPA Exam SurveyThe business environment has changed profoundly over the past few years. New regulations, developments in technology and global expansion have altered the way we work with one another. The AICPA closely monitors each of these factors and considers how they impact the future of the accounting profession.

Given this constantly evolving landscape, we need to take a closer look at how changes in the environment affect those who plan to enter the profession – the newly licensed CPAs. Experience and education requirements for licensure vary by state, but passing the Uniform CPA Examination is a must for everyone.

Have you received a survey asking for your feedback on what content should be tested on the CPA Exam? (Remember to check your spam folder!) If so, your input – which directly reflects your experience in practice – is instrumental in helping us understand exactly what topics the Exam should include.

While the CPA Exam undergoes regular updates, its content is currently being reviewed at an even deeper level to ensure the Exam maintains relevance in the changing profession. At this stage of the process, known as a practice analysis, we are in the midst of determining the knowledge and skills outline for the next version of the CPA Exam launching in 2017 – and we need members of the profession to share their insights.

During December, the AICPA and the National Association of State Boards of Accountancy (NASBA) are continuing to conduct a large-scale survey of thousands of newly licensed CPAs and supervisors of newly licensed CPAs. For the purpose of this survey, if you were licensed in 2005 or after and are a member of the AICPA, you should have received an email with a unique survey link. The goal of the survey is to validate information on content areas and to understand the depth to which particular subjects should be tested on the Exam.

  • What do newly licensed CPAs need to know to perform their jobs and protect the public interest?
  • With the changing business world, what are you noticing that newly licensed CPAs should be able to do?
  • Are there certain areas of knowledge the CPA Exam should focus on more? 

These are among the questions to consider as you review the survey statements and share your feedback with us. Do you qualify for the survey and want to participate but can’t locate the email? Email us at PracticeAnalysis@aicpa.org.

Michael A. Decker, Vice President of Examinations, American Institute of CPAs

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