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Who’s on Your (Fictional) Client Wish List?

Good WifeReady for some peace and sunshine in your life? In a recent blog, we speculated about TV characters who would make truly awful clients (Walter White, members of the Walking Dead, you get the picture). Now we are focusing on fictional clients who could really take the stress out of life. Which one of these would be your dream client? 

Here are our top picks:

Carol and Mike Brady, “The Brady Bunch.” So nice, and so many exemptions! In their 1960s sitcom, the Bradys exemplified wholesomeness and charming family shenanigans, so they’re sure to be fun and easy-going clients. The exemptions for the six kids in their blended family will certainly help offset some of Mike’s income as an architect. And when it comes to their lovable housekeeper, Alice, they’re likely to be following all the rules for household employees. You can bet their receipts will all be in perfect order, too.

Captain Kirk, “Star Trek.” What tax issues do you face when your client lives in space? Who cares, if you can manage to get yourself invited to visit the deck of the Starship Enterprise! Imagine explaining tax planning issues as the ship hurtles past comets and asteroids. Or discussing the deductibility of tribble-related damages with Mr. Spock. And if you can expand the engagement into an audit for the United Federation of Planets, the inventory assignment could be literally out of this world.

Alicia Florrick, “The Good Wife.” The show’s title says it all. Her husband is a disgraced politician who was sent to jail following a corruption and sex scandal; she’s the innocent spouse who never saw it coming. She’s smart and independent, but having spent more than a decade as a stay-at-home mom, she has had to restart her legal career from scratch. It’s safe to say she’s likely to be very conscientious about proper documentation and compliance. And since she has quickly moved up the ranks in her career, there should be ample opportunity to offer further services.

Leslie Knope, “Parks and Recreation.” Have you ever wished you had a client who cared about compliance and regulation as much as you did and could really appreciate your work? Look no further than Knope, who has passionately devoted her life to public service and who could probably recite every statute in her hometown of Pawnee, Indiana, as well as large portions of the Internal Revenue Code. A stickler for working hard and doing the right thing, she may engage you in a lively—and very polite—discussion of her return.

Phil Coulson, “Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.” Looking for adventure? Then you might enjoy a client like Coulson, a spy for an international law-enforcement and counter-terrorism agency whose job pits him against extraterrestrials and other unconventional foes. Being revived from the dead seems, at least at first, to be just another day on the job for Coulson, although it may admittedly add some challenges to his tax planning. While his life may seem full of twists and turns, he will definitely have some great stories to tell.

Lucy and Ricky Ricardo, “I Love Lucy.” Yes, their lives together are drama-filled but Ricky is a successful band leader who manages a band, goes to Hollywood to star in a movie and tours Europe. He would probably be a great candidate for tax, financial and estate planning. Lucy, on the other hand, is always in trouble, but just keep her away from the heavy machinery in your office and you should be fine. And admit it: Wouldn’t a grape-stomping competition bring some fun to your office?

Who’s on your wish list? Ask your colleagues to draw up their own lists, then share your ideas with one another.  

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Photo credit: Alicia Florrick, The Good Wife courtesy of IMDb.com



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