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10 Apps to Help You Automate and Streamline Your Life This Busy Season

App image2Busy season is fast approaching. As you prepare this year, consider downloading some time-saving apps that will help automate your life, and as a result, give you back valuable time. Technology has the power to make day-to-day tasks a little bit easier, so why not take advantage of all the following apps have to offer.

  1. Amazon’s Subscribe & Save: Never worry about running out of paper towels, vitamins, shampoo or other household essentials again. Parents—same goes for items like diapers and baby food. With Amazon’s Subscribe & Save service, you can select how often you’d like these products delivered, and Amazon will schedule shipments automatically. Best of all, subscribers receive a discount of up to 15% and receive free shipping on these purchases.
  2. Automatic Online Bill-Pay Services: Eliminate the stress of paying bills. We all know that time is precious, especially when you are working 60-hour, six-day weeks. Because of this, you may want to consider taking advantage of automatic online bill-pay services. Many banks, cable, phone, internet and electricity providers offer this service. By signing up, you ensure that you never miss a payment deadline. An easy choice for peace of mind.
  • Coffee Shop Apps: Are you a regular coffee or tea drinker? Load up your Starbucks or Dunkin’ Donuts app and set it to reload automatically when the balance gets low so you don’t even have to think about it. Your caffeine fund, always full.
  • In addition to helping you automate your life, there are countless other apps that you may find useful this busy season.  Below is our list of top contenders.

    1. News Apps: Get your news in digestible bites. You may not have time to sit down and have a leisurely breakfast while reading the newspaper until after April 15, but that doesn’t mean that you have to be out of the loop. With apps like Flipboard and Circa News, you can access news stories from different sources all on a user-friendly interface.
    2. ZocDoc App: Not feeling well in the midst of tons of work? The ZocDoc app is here to help. This innovative app can help you find a doctor who can see you at the last second and who takes your insurance so you can feel better and get back to work in a jiffy.
    3. Scream Into The Void: So mad you could just scream? Now you can—or at least type and someone else will do the screaming. This app, inspired by the “Scream into the Void” website that John Oliver, host of HBO’s Last Week Tonight created, allows anyone with an internet connection to type their frustration and send it off into a figurative black hole with a scream, where they will disappear forever.
    4. Evernote: Take and compile notes in one handy place. With note taking and saving apps like Evernote, you will never find yourself unprepared for an impromptu meeting with a client in the hallway. These apps allow you to take quick notes on your phone, access notes created on your computer and share them with ease.
    5. Fitness Apps: Maintain your physical fitness. Although it may be difficult to make time for the gym during busy season, apps such as Fitbit and various office fitness or office yoga apps can help you to de-stress and encourage movement throughout the day.
    6. Music Apps: Get your jam on with music apps such as Apple Radio, Spotify and Pandora. Whether you are the type of person that likes music in the background while you work or you enjoy listening to music while taking a break, these apps will help you stay in the groove this busy season.
    7. Grocery Delivery: Been thinking about trying out a groceries delivery service? Now is the time. Many companies have a trial period where you can get free delivery for a few months or offer a discount if you sign up for a delivery pass for six months. A few extra bucks can save you hours at the store.

    What are your favorite time-saving apps? We would love to hear from you in the comments section below.

    Alexis Rothberg, Communications Specialist, American Institute of CPAs. 


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