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5 Lessons Learned From CPAs #FirstSevenJobs

Thought bubbleEarlier this month Twitter user Marian Call, a singer-songwriter, started a viral trend when she tweeted her first seven jobs. Since then, social media has been all abuzz with users reminiscing about their #firstsevenjobs.

There’s no doubt that every job someone holds will teach them some kind of lesson. First jobs in particular teach those lessons in tough ways. To find out what lessons CPAs have learned, we put out a call for responses on social media; here’s what we heard.

Rand Gambrell

First seven jobs: Draftsman, McDonald’s Cook, Bus Boy, Wendy’s Cook, Bus Boy, Retail Sales, Hotel Sales Manager

Lesson learned: “No matter what your occupation or profession, perform your job to the best of your ability. People always recognize excellence.”

Morgan Hopkins

First seven jobs: Photolab Tech, Receptionist, Cook, Tour Guide, Tutor, Help Desk, CPA

Lesson learned: “How to train others and break things down into pieces. That helps with new staff, but also with clients.”

Matthew R. Johnson

First seven jobs: Lemonade Stand, Mowing Lawns, Dishwasher, Kitchen Manager, Intern, Public Accountant, Private Industry

Lesson learned: “Everyone’s job, regardless of how low in the rankings serves as a vital component to the whole. Great business insights can be gained from those who are in the trenches.”

Jaime Campbell

First seven jobs: Math tutor, Jewelry Entrepreneur, Babysitter, Choir Accompanist, Voice and Instrument Accompanist, Recorded Textbooks for Blind Students, Delivering Newspapers

Lesson learned: “Earnings are limited if I do everything myself instead of training others to execute my level of quality.”

Rob Stilley

First seven jobs: Mowing Lawns, Filing at Law Office, Pizza Delivery, Moving and Storage Labor, Accounting Intern, Investment Bank Intern, Internal Auditor

Lesson learned: “Work is only meaningful if you feel like you are adding value and see a connection between your effort and results.”

What were your first seven jobs and what lessons did you learn? Tell us on Twitter!

Elizabeth Rock, Specialist-Social Media and Member Engagement, American Institute of CPAs.

 Thought bubble courtesy of Shutterstock.


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