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Master Your Money: Golf Lessons for Financial Fitness

Sergio GarciaIf you watched the Masters this past weekend, you were most likely sitting on the edge of your seat. Sergio Garcia from Spain clinched the title from English player Justin Rose in a playoff that turned golf rookies into fans for life.

The most notable part of Garcia’s victory wasn’t the nail-biting 18th hole, but that he had nearly two decades of tournament experience – and this was his first major victory. Although considered one of the best players in golf, he never rose to the top like Tiger Woods, Nick Faldo, Jack Nicklaus and other golf “greats.” Until now.

Though others passed him by, Garcia never gave up, and it paid off in the end ($1.98 million to be exact). The same theory can be applied when trying to save money. Life happens – whether it’s medical bills, home improvements or summer vacations – and it can drain your bank account. But with the right savings strategy, you can come out on top. The key is to stay your course and not get discouraged when things get tough.  

Just as Garcia improved with each tournament until he finally succeeded, you can improve your savings strategy as you learn what fits your lifestyle. Whether it’s the small things like cutting back on eating out for lunch, or bigger things like adjusting your 401(k) contributions, every bit counts toward meeting your financial goals.

The month of April isn’t just an exciting month for golf fans, it’s also Financial Literacy Month, in which financial experts nationwide highlight the importance of financial literacy and teach Americans how to establish and maintain healthy financial habits. The AICPA’s year-round flagship 360 Degrees of Financial Literacy program—the national effort of CPAs to help all Americans understand their personal finances through every life stage—combines grassroots advocacy with free public resources for CPAs to educate Americans of all ages. 

Golfers need all the right gear to succeed, and when trying to save money it’s just as important to have the right resources in your bag. Join us this month in celebrating Financial Literacy Month and help us promote fiscal responsibility by participating in our #360lifegoals campaign.

Samantha Delgado, Manager – Communications, PR & Corporate Responsibility

Sergio Garcia courtesy of almonfoto/Shutterstock.


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