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Why Pets Make the Best Coworkers

Peaches - Julia MorrissMy dog Peaches, a cuddly beagle mix, is the love of my life. As with most pet owners, I spend a lot of time with my dog and miss her when I’m not at home. The days that I telecommute are often the highlight of my week because I can relish her company all day. Having a dog at home is beneficial in many ways:  I stand up and walk around more often, get outside for fresh air a few times a day and feel less stressed because I can give Peaches regular snuggles.

One of the benefits of being a CPA sole practitioner, or working for a firm that utilizes virtual offices, is that you can often work from home, allowing you to be with your pets all day. Some CPA firms even allow employees to bring their dogs to the office.

We all feel a little sad about leaving our furry friends at home when we go to work, but being near our pets does more than keep Fido happy. More and more organizations are looking into how bringing your pet to work can benefit employees and employers. A recent study indicated that companion dogs increase prosocial behavior in work groups. A 2017 report shows that pet-friendly offices reduce stress, improve work-life balance and strengthen morale. For CPAs who work long hours, particularly during busy season, having your pet beside you in your home office or at work can bring a much-needed morale boost.

To celebrate our fuzzy loves during “Petember,” we’re showcasing CPAs’ Cute Pet Assistants (CPAs), and the ways they help us do our best work. CPAs on staff at the Association of International Certified Professional Accountants have shared their own “CPAs” below. We’d love to see your pets as well. Tag us on Twitter, Instagram or Facebook using #Petember.

Saturn - Shelly GuzzettaSaturn, CPA to Shelly Guzzetta, CPA, Manager – Firm Services

Evie - Lori SextonEvie, CPA to Lori Sexton, CPA, CGMA, Senior Manager - Business, Industry and Government

Boomer - Lindsey CurleyBoomer, CPA to Lindsey Curley, CPA, Senior Manager – Firm Services & Global Alliances

Storm - Lisa SimpsonStorm, CPA to Lisa Simpson, CPA, CGMA, Associate Director – Firm Services

Jon - Carey MitchellJon, CPA to Carey Mitchell, CPA, Senior Manager – Portfolio Development & Management

Looking for additional ways to make your small firm more productive? Visit the Association’s small firm resources page. We’ve curated small firm-targeted tools from various areas, including the Private Companies Practice Section.  

Julia Morriss, Manager--Advocacy Communications, Association of International Certified Professional Accountants.


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