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Introducing our newest heroes: “The (CP)A-Team”

CPA TeamPop culture seems to be obsessed with the 1980s.

Remakes of popular blockbuster hits are now the norm for movie-goers. From “RoboCop” to “21 Jump Street” to “Footloose,” today’s entertainment is all about nostalgia.

So, it’s no surprise that television’s favorite action drama, the “A-Team,” would make a comeback. Updated for 2018, the reboot is coming to prime time. And this time, the fearsome foursome is taking on the single greatest threat to our security: cybercriminals.

Airing at 8 p.m. Wednesdays on your television or tablet is America’s newest special task force: “The (CP)A-Team.” Each half-hour episode features the all-CPA unit as they travel the world detecting and responding to cyberattacks and data breaches.

Cyberattacks are on the rise. Personal information is swapped for pennies on the dark web. Ransomware is lurking in the shadows of your desktop. And one team perseveres against it all to expose cyberthieves and other scoundrels.

In 2002, this crack team of auditors met on the job. Fresh out of college and stepping into the vast world of accounting, they found in each other a bond that nothing could shake. Once they graced the cubicles of Metro Zero, New York City’s finest financial institution. Today, they survive as practitioners with a purpose: protecting millions from the loss of sensitive personal and corporate information.

Jane “Caesar” Jones is a master of disguise. She is most commonly seen portraying beauty school dropout “Mrs. Bentley,” a salon owner who uses weak passwords and unsecured wifi devices as part of a ploy to entice small-time hackers. As the leader of the group, it was Caesar’s idea to go rogue after discovering Metro Zero shared client data. Now on the run, she and her team aim to level the playing field and repair the damage done.

Nick “N.N.” (Negative Nelly) Nichols is the muscle for the (CP)A-Team. N.N. is always in a bad mood but is the first on the scene when things get hairy. Armed with only a laptop and personal hot-spot, N.N. attacks hackers before they can reach your server. A reformed hacker, his secret past is known to only Caesar.

S.C. (So Crazy) Miller is the (CP)A-Team’s driver but due to an unfortunate calculator accident, has gone blind. Despite it, he can operate the team SUV with extreme accuracy. S.C. takes this precision into the field with him, overwhelming villains by examining weaknesses in firms’ cybersecurity frameworks and teaching classes on the dangers of phishing emails. 

Tiffany “Flygirl” Packer is a master of persuasiveness who can entice hackers. Occasionally referred to as “Lady Boss,” her ability to out-maneuver the bad guys makes her a force to be reckoned with. She’s the only witness to the accident that stole S.C.’s sight. Some suggest she was holding the calculator.

Has your identity been stolen? Has your company been hacked? If you have a problem with cyber controls, if no one else can help, you can hire the (CP)A-Team. Don’t miss this buzz-worthy new show.

Until then, enjoy your April Fool’s Day.

Allison Carter, Communications Manager--Tax, Association of International Certified Professional Accountants


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