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A Mother’s Day wish list

GettyImages-671753690Mother’s Day is a time when everyone comes together to celebrate the women who gave us life. It’s an opportunity for us to show our appreciation for the love, advice and support these women offered us throughout our lives. We asked CPA moms what they are hoping to receive on their special day. Here’s what they said:    

“When my boys were young, what I really wanted for Mother’s Day was some peace and quiet (and maybe some flowers). Now that I’m an empty nester and they live too far away to see regularly, I’m hoping for a video chat so I can see their handsome faces along with lots of pictures of my granddaughter. Of course, if they could swing an in-person visit, that would be even better!”

Lisa Simpson, CPA, CGMA

“Just a sunny, warm day – 80 degrees would be perfect, but I’d take 79; 9 (not 18) holes of golf with Jay, Clayton and Evan; a dirty water dog with sauerkraut and mustard - for lunch; and Avengers: Infinity War, later in the day.  Top that off with the commitment of complete funding for the Dynamic Audit Solution from the major firms, and my day would be complete!”

Sue Coffey, CPA, CGMA

“The best Mother’s Day for me is spending the day with my family. As your children grow and they move on with their own lives, you begin to realize that time shared together is a cherished commodity. So, all I want for Mother’s Day is a day with my family!”

Erin Mackler, CPA, CGMA

“All I want for Mother's Day is to do something active with my kids, and for there to be no fighting between them! On a more selfish note, I want to sleep in and get in a workout and a shower before they start calling my name or blowing up my phone asking me to do things for them. I love my girls, but a little "me" time on Mother’s Day goes a long way!”

Tamara Basso Bensky, CPA

“Good food, a nap, and an obligation-free day to hang out with my favorite girl who made me a momma.”

Lindsey Curley, CPA, CGMA

“I would like nothing more than to take a carefree trip with my family. Heading out on an adventure where I don’t have to do any of the planning sounds like the most magical thing I could ever imagine! Two or three days to unplug without one task to schedule is about as good as it gets.”

Lindsay Stevenson, CPA, CGMA

“For Mother’s Day, I most want to spend time with the two little people who made me a mother back in 2012 and 2015. Unrealistically, I would also like a day filled with no fighting, yelling, screaming, or complaining!"

Sarah Bilant, CPA 

“For Mother’s Day, I would like a pause button, a time machine or a trip to Disney World. I spend so much of my time plotting world domination that I don’t get to enjoy my little man and just be his mom. “Having it all” is a myth. On Mother’s Day, I’ll create my own pause button, live in the moment with my kiddo, and enjoy the small things: the way he giggles, how much he loves hugs, throwing a ball with him, and eating all the yummy things he craves. I wish I had a bigger pause button and could give that luxury to every mom in the world. If I had a time machine, I’d live each day twice — once for my world domination and once for my son. And, well, I always want a trip to Disney World — it’s my happy place.”

Liz Mason, CPA

What are you most looking forward to this Mother’s Day? Tell us in the comments below!

Elizabeth Rock, Associate Manager - Enterprise Social Media, Association of International Certified Professional Accountants


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