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It’s beginning to look a lot like tax busy season

Shutterstock_743819602Washington, D.C., got its first taste of winter just two days after the AICPA National Tax Conference this year. In some parts of the capital, it was just a dusting of snow. For those just north of the city, it was a blanket. While CPAs bundled up, drank hot cocoa and anticipated the wonder the season always seems to bring, they were reminded of the cold months ahead where the days are shorter, but the workdays are much, much longer.

The first sign of winter is also the first sign of busy season. It’ll be here before you know it, and with tax reform implementation in full swing, you’re going to need more than a wool coat and an ice scraper to get you warmed up and out on the road in the morning.

The AICPA provides resources that can make busy season prep a little easier, so you can get on your way — no defrosting needed.

Tax Reform Resource Center

Tax reform has been the top topic of conversation for more than a year, and it’s getting more prominent by the day. Having the latest information ensures you have something to add to the discussion. The Tax Reform Resource Center has news, videos, insights, webcasts, events, podcasts, tools, FAQs — pretty much all manner of tax reform resources — aimed at keeping you in the know. Some of the assets are open to the public (like these presentations for individuals and businesses), but you’ll need an AICPA or section membership login for the rest.

Annual Tax Compliance Kit

Let’s face it — if you don’t get your clients’ tax returns right, you’re walking into a pretty rough rest of the year. As you know, there’s a lot at play when getting everything you need to feel confident in a return’s accuracy. The Annual Tax Compliance Kit can help by making your tax return workflow run smoother. This kit contains engagement letters, organizers, checklists and practice guides for key practice areas, including individuals, partnerships, corporations, estates, trusts and exempt organizations. The Annual Tax Compliance Kit is only available to Tax Section members, so if you haven’t joined yet, pre-tax season is the perfect time to come onboard.

Tax Practitioner’s Marketing Toolkit

Connecting with your clients is the first step in getting them prepared for busy season. The second step is giving them the information they need to make informed decisions about their taxes with you. Open to all members and updated for tax reform, the Tax Practitioner’s Marketing Toolkit is full of tax practice guides, tax tips, ID theft tools, year-end resources and tax law reference guides that help you and your clients work together toward their best tax outcome.

Impact of Tax Reform on Planning Toolkit

Tax laws are always changing, but this sweeping tax legislation adds a new layer of complexity to your clients’ planning needs. While things are a little more complicated this busy season, your clients will need more year-round help too. Take this opportunity to showcase your abilities and weave tax planning into your clients’ broader planning goals with the Impact of Tax Reform on Planning Toolkit. You can find webcasts, videos, podcasts, charts and client communications that’ll help point you in the right direction. Download Volume One of the Adviser’s Guide to Financial and Estate Planning for clear guidance on advising clients in estate, tax, retirement, investment and risk management matters. Then head over to the Planning & Tax Advisory Services website to learn how to integrate these services into your practice.

Busy season is just around the corner, so keep these resources close at hand and check back in with us for more in the coming (and hopefully warmer) months.

Allison Carter Fanney, Communications Manager — Tax, Association of International Certified Professional Accountants


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