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3 reasons why all entrepreneurs should hire a CPA

Shutterstock_593385893I’ll go ahead and say it – every entrepreneur should hire a CPA. And no, I’m not just saying this because I work for the AICPA. As host of The Small Biz Brunch podcast, I’ve had the pleasure of chatting with many successful business owners – and the majority say how they couldn’t have done it without their CPA. And if someone didn’t use one, they definitely wish they had. 

Read on for three good reasons why entrepreneurs should consider hiring a CPA: 

CPAs free up time for entrepreneurs to actually focus on their business. I could be wrong, but I’m sure most aspiring entrepreneurs would prefer having the time to bring their vision to life, instead of poring over finances at all hours of the night. Business owners are expected to wear many hats, but that doesn’t mean certain tasks should take the place of fueling a company’s success. Tapping into the expertise of a trusted adviser, like a CPA, can alleviate the pressure to know everything. 

Entrepreneurs wouldn’t have to read up on all the changing tax laws. Not sure about everyone else, but I’d rather leave reading line after line of tax code to the pros. The ever-changing laws make it difficult for anyone to keep up, let alone someone who is trying to create a business. Luckily, CPAs know their stuff.

They can talk to a human who cares. If I polled all entrepreneurs, I’m sure they’d say that talking to a human is way better than a generic software that lovingly knows them as EntrepreneursRule4Life@gmail.com. A CPA doesn’t just address people by their name, but they also have in-depth knowledge of different industries enabling them to provide trusted, sound advice. 

For more ways CPAs can contribute to entrepreneurs’ success, check out cpapowered.org. And don’t forget to tune in to The Small Biz Brunch, a weekly podcast powered by AICPA and #CPApowered.

Samantha Delgado, Manager - Communications, PR & Corporate Responsibility, Association of International Certified Professional Accountants


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